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From the Wadsworth Athneneum's Costume and Textile collection... This gown (and the other gown from the same collection) are just EXTRAORDINARY! PLEASE look at the close-up photos to see the exquisite detail of the jacquard and embroidered silk fabric. There are some very very minor darkening in some areas (see the collar photos), but there is also slightly darker lace insets that are original. Her collections were found in leading fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman from 1997 to 2004. Hard to measure with the open back, but best for small and tall with 26.5" waist, up to 36" hips best, 61" long from shoulder to hem in front, 77" long in back. The lace is in Excellent condition with just extreme minor leg breaks. The dress doesn't come with the panniers, but is made for them... You know, the gown that sold for (at the time) a record price. though I'm not an expert on textiles, so I will just have to go with it. It stars with an ecru Battenburg coat with slightly bell sleeves with matching ecru velvet cloud-shape outlined inserts here and there and a few grape clusters.


Stanton and there was a handwritten name inside, but that is now in tatters (still sewn into the seam, but not sure that Mrs. The numbered tag inside the seam is also starting to tatter, so you will want to stabilize that small piece of silk paper. you have the entire dress covered with embroidered multicolored flowers on vines. The material is perfectly strong and nearly like new (even the underarms are clean!!! From the Wadsworth Athneneum's Costume and Textile collection... Elizabeth Galindo who is a designer, fashion historian (hence the very vintage feel of her gowns) and fashion restorer. The gorgeous steel blue/gray/silver velvet is fairly consistently dirty (years of dust), but still looks fabulous! This one has no case, but it's likely human hair with fine lace front, has the original ornaments and I believe it's older than the last one I sold. And I believe that's the maker's mark inside (the stylized bird)I wish I could give you more information on this piece. This ornately decorated cap is embroidered in gold foil, metallic thread, cord, sequins, teeny seed beads, surprising blue glass jewels, etc. This example would have been considerably time-consuming, and for it to have been created for a CHILD (it is child sized), this would have to have been quite a wealthy family. The cap has been professionally re-lined in fine linen by the museum. this is one of the MOST wonderful summer fancy ballgowns from the era you will see outside of a museum. I can get measurements, but really this is one that belongs on display and not worn.Skirt measures: 26" waist, 38" long from waist to hem in front, 46" long in back.The House of Reville was started in 1906 by William Reville Terry and his partner, a Miss Rossiter. A Maiko is an apprentice geisha in western Japan, especially Kyoto.This is easily seen by looking at the photo of the interior to see the seaming and then volume of the lower back skirt. Here's an interesting article to give you some idea of how important she was to fashion of the era! https://rbkclibraries.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/margaine-lacroix-and-the-dresses-that-shocked-paris/ If you look about, you will find some Lanvin-Castillo coats for sale, but if you look closely, you will see that those are NOT the originals, they are authorized reproductions. An original Jeanne Lanvin / Antonio del Castillo MUSEUM QUALITY and DESIGN heavy (very heavy!

The lining is original and has a few minor spots here and there... The label is off on one side, so will need a stitch or two. ) wool coat in a deep tomato red color with black silk lining.

The pattern in the velvet can only be seen under certain lights, otherwise it just looks like a solid black velvet.



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    The 1990s saw a gradual drop, starting with 12 in 1990, 12 again in 1993, but only 9 in 1997, 19 combined.

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