Rpc error updating windows time

@hindsight20-20 The issue you have is for your 3rd party security software or windows firewall.

You have to make sure to enable file and drive sharing through those to let you share your drive. [Win FW File And Printer Sharing Rules](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/2338924/23124485/96eb08fa-f76d-11e6-9339-c4050fb7afc4.png) In addition there are the 2 rules introduced by the docker installer: !

Strange thing is though, that this was working in the current build for like 5 min or so at some point.

I don’t get it :| What about your security software?

We don't have any workaround for now (except reverting to Windows 14393) I see that you are using an insider preview of Windows.

We don't have any workaround for now (except reverting to Windows 14393) — You are receiving this because you were mentioned.

: Foreground RPCs Failed, category name is MSExchange Rpc Client Access.

Invalid Operation Exception: The requested Performance Counter is not a custom counter, it has to be initialized as Read Only. If not, then it should be, solution in Exchange Management Shell: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.

(I've also moved interface to the 'Private network' segment: Set-Net Connection Profile -Interface Alias "v Ethernet (Docker NAT)" -Network Category Private in the Power Shell) I see this issue in Win10 Insider build 15007. If you do too, Just right click on the drive that you want to share with docker in file explorer and click on Sharing tap. On that popup check the "Share this folder" checkbox and click ok. [.008][Named Pipe Server][Info ] Mount(C, DOMAIN\USER:**********, Docker. Settings) [.008][Samba Share ][Info ] Mount C [.048][Cmd ][Info ] Share name C [.048][Cmd ][Info ] Path C:\ [.048][Cmd ][Info ] Remark [.048][Cmd ][Info ] Maximum users No limit [.050][Cmd ][Info ] Users [.050][Cmd ][Info ] Caching Manual caching of documents [.050][Cmd ][Info ] Permission Everyone, FULL [.050][Cmd ][Info ] [.050][Cmd ][Info ] The command completed successfully.

I see only one inbound rule in allowing port 445 from local address to remote address



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