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Dressed down in Topshop jeans, All Saints boots, and a tomato-red Fred Perry jacket, she’s open and articulate, and her robustly down-to-earth attitude to everything, right down to scrutinising her bank statements, is so persuasive that I find myself making a mental note to do the same when I get home."I’m always being told I’ve got an old head on young shoulders, which is probably due to the way my mum and dad brought me up," she says.For as she prepares to take on the notoriously fickle US market later this year, Amy is finally taking her rightful place in the limelight."I’m so glad that I’ve made it this far without acres of Kate Nash-style coverage and my picture plastered everywhere," says Amy, who still lives in Glasgow."I hate getting my photograph taken; just because I’m a musician doesn’t mean I should have to sell my soul and have pictures of myself on stage with a red face and sweaty armpits plastered over Perhaps not, but with her ivory skin, pale blue eyes and mane of glossy dark hair, Amy has a girl-next-door prettiness that is extremely photogenic.Miss Aitken said: 'He made abusive and derogatory remarks.He wanted her to wear clothing which concealed her figure and objected to her fitted work t-shirts.'He wanted her to wear her fleece which came down to below her bottom.'A colleague noticed on another occasion Miss Coulter was visibly unhappy and nervous when Addison showed up.Addison, from Cowie in Stirlingshire, also threatened to post pictures of her online.At Glasgow Sheriff Court, he pleaded guilty to stalking Miss Coulter by engaging in a course of conduct which caused her fear or alarm, between January and September 2016.


Miss Aitken said: 'On one occasion the accused came to the door at 3am asking to see Miss Coulter and did not appear to believe when he was told she was not home.'Not taking no for an answer, he was allowed in to check for himself.Miss Coulter described his behaviour as 'relentless' and said it 'wore her down, making her feel fearful and constantly upset and tearful'.


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