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After starting our tour in Paris and enjoying the river cruise, we finished our tour in Prague.

So we saw much of Europe and we were in for a few surprises.

I have a really good Slave Leia outfit, that's really legit.

You should do that, because you love I started getting offers from people to wear different authentic costumes and then, of course, I met the body paint artist, so I do body paint every year of different characters.


It seems we are constantly reminded about the need to be thinner, look more beautiful, In 2016, we had our first trip to Europe with a cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest.It wasn't a great costume, but it was fun for me to wear to a party.I think some people get all weird about dressing up, but I just think it's fun. Anyway, so I got some attention from that and then I met a photographer through the Comic Con experience who said, "You know what?I was on a great show, but I just wanted to go in different directions that were fun and different and unusual for me, and since I've always loved this, and people never saw this side of me, I wanted to explore it." kind of a thrill. When people do start saying things like, 'I can't believe you did that,' it kind of fuels me more.


It's fun, and it makes people excited to see all the wild adventures I'll do, and all the posts, because they never know what to expect next. I think I'm just naturally a bit of a risk taker, even though people think that I would be some crazy, diva kind of woman, because I'm so bold and stuff, but I'm really not. When an Instagram post gets kicked off because somebody complained, I think, 'What else can I do to show this person even more that I’m not going to stand down from?

Given her phenomenal popularity on Instagram and the sensation she’s caused as a cosplayer, sometimes it’s hard to remember that Maitland Ward has had a genuinely successful acting career that has spanned the years as well.


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