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Most opt for roast oryx, the national symbol of Namibia. Game is too tough for me unless ground in a burger.

The game we have been served at every meal is from older animals sent to hunting reserves as a form of culling.

The icy Benguela makes for fine oysters on the half shell.

Heading north, we visit a seal rookery with more seals on shore and in the water than our imaginations could conjure.


My formula: an unusual county, a good group of travelers, and a fabulous guide.(Hansa means Germany in Old German.) In the lobby, a voice calls out to us. My name is Jahana Hayes, I am America’s teacher of the year doing a State Department tour.” Her beauty fits the hotel.We have another great meal washed with a South African red and a white at The Tug, a boat in the harbor. In town, I felt if I hollered, “achtung” I would bring the entire city to a halt.We see 14 lions, with one noshing on a kudu (large antelope); 2 black rhinos; 2 leopards; jackals; baboons; warthogs; guinea fowl; impalas, elands, kudus, springboks, steenboks, dik-diks, and oryx; giraffes; elephants; zebras (ordinary and mountain); several species of mongoose, more birds than we knew existed, skinks, geckos, and wildebeests (gnus).


On our last game drive, we go to Namutoni, a park entrance in the far northeast corner.

(Stewart was the best of all my excellent guides.) Even our Africa hands had never seen anything like Namibia.



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