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Running her hands through her own hair to try and get some kind of composure, Jennifer instead felt her knees buckle and she had to grab the doorway into the living room for support to keep from falling over. Your ass tastes so good and I’m going to lick it all the time now! Make me into a total lesbo like you so we can both be butt licking sluts with each other!Because if she hadn’t grabbed onto something, she would have landed right on top of Maria Menounos as the entertainment reporter lay naked on her back, her round, full tits jiggling so enticingly as she held Chloe Moretz down by her blonde hair and made sure the teenager thoroughly tongue fucked her pussy. ” Chloe squealed in delight as she pulled up from Maria with the reporter’s wet fuck juice all over her face. Oooooh my God I had no idea you could ever be so naughty! ” Chloe had never dreamed that any of her friends could ever act this way but it was like this place had transformed them and they were making her feel too good for her to question it anymore or try and stop it.She had stopped licking her pussy and, as hot as it was to see those girls go at each other, Maria needed to feel that tongue on her. She had never had sex with a teenage girl before and it ordinarily would have made her nervous and unsure of herself for being so kinky. ” Maria cried in pleasure when she felt that talented, young tongue return to her vagina and start licking away at her soaked, silky smooth labia lips. It was so evil and so unlike Maria and yet Jennifer totally understood what was making Maria act this way because those beautiful nude bodies were so arousing as they all licked and fucked right in front of her without any clue she was watching them.But now Maria found herself with no hangups and no inhibitions and she gleefully fucked Chloe’s face while already picturing doing the same thing to Ava and Bella. “Mmmmm yessssss eat me out like all these hot sluts do! Jennifer had no idea where those teenagers had even come from because they hadn’t been on the guest list. Their nubile, young bodies looked so tempting and Jennifer wanted to lick every inch of them.Jennifer was so turned by how hot it would be for her to fuck them all, those three young sluts eagerly doing whatever she said as she spanked and teased and touched and fucked their gorgeous bodies.Staring at them going at each other filled Jennifer with wicked visions of the three young women.


Jennifer could see they were raw in their fun though and she knew she had so much to teach Chloe, Ava and Bella.The idea of incest would have freaked her out before but now all Ava wanted to do was break that taboo again and again and have her friends do it too, something that also turned on Bella as she found herself considering forbidden thoughts she never would have entertained before. ” Bella moaned in between tongue lashes of Chloe’s dripping pussy. Having her previously only platonic friends fucking her and showing off how kinky and slutty they could be turned Chloe on far more than she ever thought it could. ” Maria had never felt this insatiable before in her entire life.She wanted to enjoy every crazy, dirty moment of this and she tingled in arousal at the mere thought of Ava fucking her virgin asshole with a big, hard toy right in front of Heather. Each orgasm she had made her crave another one even more. Ooooooh trade me your pussies and asses and let me fuck you and I’ll put you all on my shows and make you all so famous! All of you have to fuck me like it’s a dirty fucking casting couch! ” Jennifer had seen Maria Menounos’ horny side before but she had never seen her act like this.She pictured Bella, Ava and Chloe naked and spreading their legs for her.

Jennifer eagerly pictured all three of those wet teen pussies so open and tight and pink for her to lick and suck and finger as she went and fucked all three of them, going from girl to girl as she blew each of their minds with how well she could lick them.With so many women committing so many dirty deeds of course thanks to some spiked punch at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s seemingly wholesome Christmas party. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on.


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