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In February 2001, Trafalgar under- went the re-accreditation of our Canadian Educational Standards Institute (CESI) membership.

Our con- tinued membership in CESI guaran- tees that we have undergone a thorough self-examination of all areas of our school life.

While maintaining a range of school-spon- sored outreach activities for girls at every grade level, we ask all our older students to contribute a minimum of ten hours to an approved community organization or activity of their choice.

Girls keep a detailed record of their service work in a "passport" pub- lished by the school.

Trafalgar girls continue to be of service to the community in more than token fashion.

As the founding school of the Girls for the Cure walk in support of breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment, we have helped raise both awareness and money (over 0,000 to date with five partner schools).

Friends and Old Girls of Trafalgar School, and colleagues and friends of Professor Margaret Gillett were all gathered to celebrate the publication of Traf: The History of Trafalgar School for Girls. Gillett, and profusely illustrated from the school archives. Gillett has been working on the manuscript for some years, and it is a tribute to her scholarship and tenacity, as well as to the ethos of the school that the book is now published and ready to be enjoyed by all Old Girls and friends of the school.



The Atrium at the Mc Cord Museum was filled to overflowing in the evening of November 7, 2000.Then there was a welcoming hand- shake from Board Chair Juliet Wait and TOGA Board Member Elizabeth Canlsius. However the request was repeated, and when she looked at the project it did indeed intrigue her, for she had gone to a school with a sim- ilar history in Australia.


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    I want to thank all the great people who agreed to collaborate and share their story with all of us! You might already know him as I interviewed Ben a while ago.

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