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The venue was set to appeal against Islington Council revoking the cinema licence, but the loss of a very similar appeal by Oscar's cinema led to the venue dropping the appeal. The local council have agreed that Adult World can stay open from 10am to 10pm Mondays to Saturdays, and from noon until 8pm on Sundays including bank holidays, but excluding Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

They also agreed that the opaque film on the window could be removed, and window displays permitted, as long as they involve non-adult merchandise only.

Unique to our lifestyle shops we incorporate a Man Zone.


Early indications show an 80% attendance by couples and females, finding our range of products on the ground floor very popular including exquisite lingerie by Naughty Janet (Also sold in Harrods).

In addition to latex and leather you will find corsetry, lingerie, hosiery, shoes, hats, jewellery, accessories and a lot more making it a one-stop-shop.

Due to rising demand we thought it necessary to invest in larger premises so that we could stock more of the brands our customers love, such as ES Collection, Timoteo and our in-house brand Titus: Made for Men -- a range of aromas, cock rings and leatherwear.

We aim to impress all our shoppers, with varied and cunning lines in our trendy North London shop.

Providing the thrills is our full range by Mantric Toys, an award winning manufacturer of adult lifestyle products including sex toys, along with romantic & raunchy gifts.For all your sexy needs and a perfect adult shopping experience for all adult lifestyles This is the flagship store of a major chain of unlicensed sex shops.



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