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When the outspoken sheriff of Cook County, Ill., Tom Dart, was seeking to eliminate solitary confinement in the jails two years ago, he encountered resistance from a few dozen guards who worked in that unit. Kim Ogg, a longtime defense lawyer elected in 2016 as district attorney of Harris County, Texas, fired nearly 40 of the office’s top prosecutors and replaced most of them with defense attorneys.

“I did not feel that I could rely upon the architects of the criminal justice system that I vowed to change,” Ogg said in an interview this month.

Prosecutors, law enforcement officials, and attorneys who share Krasner’s ideology told the Inquirer and Daily News in recent weeks that changing the culture of the office likely would be among Krasner’s most important and challenging tasks — and would define his ability to implement his priorities and make a mark on the criminal justice system.


The job application on his transition website promises “transformational systemic change,” and Krasner himself has said he views himself as part of a “progressive” movement.

Dart acknowledged the fights and the challenges they sometimes cause.


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