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I hope you enjoy the pics, stay tuned for all my fashion week updates, you can follow my instagram (@lovelypepa). Primer post desde Nueva York, a lo largo de los próximos días os enseñaré fotos de la semana de la moda y los looks que he elegido para cada desfile, además también habrá post sobre nuestros momentos libres en la ciudad en los que mis looks son más informales y cómodos.Estoy deseando compartir todas las fotos que estamos haciendo aquí.Para mi primer día de fashion week en el que asistí al desfile de The Art Institute of New York City, elegí uno de mis looks mas sencillos con este vestido de la firma Poeté que podéis encontrar en la web .


Fyodor was born in Moscow the second son of the prominent boyar Nikita Romanovich and was the first to bear the Romanov surname.

First post from New York city, along these days I´ll show you fashion week photos and the outfit I chose for each occasion and fashion show, I´ll also show you another kind of post, a more relaxed ones with my outfits that for sure, will be plus comfortable and simple than for fashion week. For my first Fashion week day I attended The Art Institute of New York City show, I chose one of my favorite and simple outfits I bring with me, the dress is from Poeté brand and you can find it at Miinto website.

I combined it with my new pair of Steve Madden flats that I´ve bought in NY, and you´ll find bellow a lot of similar options that you can buy online.

His most important domestic measure was the chaining of the peasantry to the soil, a measure directed against the ever increasing migration of the down-trodden serfs to the steppes, where they became freebooters instead of tax-payers.


The taxation of the tsar's military tenants was a first step towards the proportional taxation of the hitherto privileged classes.

He was released on the conclusion of the truce of Deulino (13 February 1619), and on 2 June of the same year was canonically enthroned Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia.


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