Dating antique china

Starting in 1842, England has offered registration of it's decorative designs for pottery, china, wood, paper, pottery, china, porcelain, glass and more.

By using the information below you can find the date a design was registered. Remember this date is just when the design was registered.

The best books contain detailed information and photographs, which will help you to identify and date genuine Chinese porcelain artifacts.

Two books to add to your library are The Wares of the Ming Dynasty by R. Hobson and Porcelain, Its Nature, Art, & Manufacture by William Burton.

Skilled collectors can sometimes identify an individual artist's calligraphy.

In addition to bearing distinct markings, Chinese porcelain often has telltale signs of its age.

Srves, China socket heads made during 1916-1917 French a China socket head has been found marked Madame Royal ca.

1917 other doll names; Louise Brongn, Junon, La Brgre de Trianon, Marquisette, Saint Franois During and after World War I, China dolls were made in Japan ** Au Paradis des Enfants dolls 1864-1925 France, distributor and assembler of dolls from various doll makers including; China head dolls with pink kid bodies, wax over China head dolls.

Anyone who loves Asian history or art, or those with an eye for quality antiques, may want to purchase Chinese porcelain.

You can learn by securing catalogs from major auction houses and visiting museums.


In addition, you should purchase books to help you learn about dating Chinese porcelain.

According to Chinese porcelain experts, Chinese artisans signed their creations with identifying marks.


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