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Imagine having your intelligence and capability consistently questioned because of things you can't control.That's what it's like to have a learning disability.My language disability meant it was difficult for me to learn a new language, so that requirement was waved; instead I went to Spanish immersion camp over the summer.Getting extended time on the SAT, SAT II, and AP exams was a fight involving foot-high stacks of reports proving I was learning disabled. At the same time that my mother was fighting for me, she was also advocating for my younger brother who has severe dyslexia.Woman D: Obviously anorexia means I have a difficult relationship with my body.


My sex drive has been consistently low as my disease has progressed. "Would you ask a handicapped person to compete in a race without his wheelchair? He retorted that ADHD isn't the same as being handicapped. Having a handicap that people can't see is a constant fight of justification. I was diagnosed with a reading disability, the old way of saying dyslexia.



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