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Theseare for other clinics not selected to use our rapid trials recruitment systems.Participating as paid volunteer in Medical research studies can be an excellent way to help to pay educational costs, supplement your income while working, or fund your travels while spending time in foreign countries.NCT recruits exclusively for the best Nottingham clinic only to insure volunteer comfort and satisfaction.Volunteers are urgently needed to take part in paid medical trials, paid medical research recruiting from the East Midlands Area Nottingham , Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire (Derby), Leicester , Leicestershire, Lincoln, Lincolnshire areas.Initially the Society will focus on promoting the Warwickshire flag which was registered on August 15th 2016. Continue reading The new county flag of Berkshire was revealed at a ceremony conducted at the Berkshire County Show, Newbury, held on September 17th 2017 and attended by the county’s Lord Lieutenant James Puxley, whose sanction had secured the flag’s registration and High Sheriff, Sarah Scrope. Continue reading In this series of articles from the archives of This England, we step into Michael Bradford’s vision of Huntingdonshire from the summer of 1993.Local government reform is on the horizon and Huntingdonshire continues to fight for its identity.

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The ABC, therefore, seeks to fully re-establish the use of the historic counties as the standard popular geographical reference frame of Britain and to further encourage their use as a basis for social, sporting and cultural activities.


The Warwickshire Society is a new organisation which aims to promote pride in the great county of Warwickshire, celebrate its traditions and educate people about its history.The whole process should only take 2 minutes to complete, ideal if you're in a rush to find that perfect match.



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