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Indeed, Netflix, Inc., Hulu, LLC and other streaming video companies represent a new source of competition for the cable industry as more and more consumers opt to cut the cord on traditional cable service.And the online video category is expected to heat up even more.Case in point: The Comcast Bite of Seattle this year inked a new partnership with Verizon following a new marketing partnership between the cable company and wireless provider.


The festival was prohibited from selling the wireless category prior to the Comcast/Verizon partnership, he added.“Sponsors can use the advertising inventory at their sole discretion,” said Armand Milanesi, president of Precision Sports Entertainment, a sponsorship sales agency that reps the triathlon. Cable companies also look for one-on-one marketing inventory that can be bundled into advertising packages. The event will be co-sponsored by the Outdoor Channel and Bass Pro Shops, said George Mc Doniel, the White Sox’s director of corporate partnerships development. Cable companies typically look for exclusivity across their three primary offerings: cable, Internet and telephone.


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