Oregon interracial dating

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More importantly, drawing such a distinction would endanger protections for other protected groups: …[U]nder the distinction proposed by the Kleins, owners and operators of businesses could continue to oppress and humiliate black people simply by recasting their bias in terms of conduct rather than race.

For instance, a restaurant could refuse to serve an interracial couple, not on account of the race of either customer, but on account of the conduct — interracial dating — to which the proprietor objected.

Wij houden voor u een stevige vinger aan de pols bij actuele gebeurtenissen. Met de Leeuwarder Courant zit u dagelijks bovenop het actuele nieuws. Wekelijks ontvangt u extra specials over boeiende thema’s als wonen, gezondheid, cultuur en sport. Het hele jaar door kunt u kiezen uit interessante lezersreizen. U stapt dicht bij huis op en maakt kennis met medereizigers uit het noorden. Met de app LC Krant heeft u (welke dagen is afhankelijk van uw abonnement) toegang tot onze digitale editie.


In order to establish that their wedding cakes are fundamentally pieces of art, it is not enough that the Kleins believe them to be pieces of art…

The organization’s president, Kelly Shackelford, claimed that the Court had “decided that Aaron and Melissa Klein are not entitled to the Constitution’s promises of religious liberty and free speech.



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    If you have any problems with this site please let us know via the contact form.

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