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If you do not receive your refund within the stipulated time periods stated above, please contact the Business Office at 330-335-1297 or 330-335-2606.When items are no longer able to be circulated; need excessive cleaning and repair; or when pieces of an item are lost or in need of replacement, a fee will be assessed.


Build the life or relationship you've been wanting. Get the counseling and coaching that will take you there; get on the path to where you want to go.""If you have come to a place in your life or relationship where you feel confused, afraid, or lost and do not know which way to turn, call an experienced counselor who listens, understands, and asks sensible questions to find answers, some that lie within you.

These fees will vary depending on the type of problem and format of the damaged item.

If a damaged item needs to be replaced, the customer will be charged the replacement cost of the item, plus a .00 processing charge per item.

Lost materials and related fees paid by cash or check will be refunded by check and mailed to the customer.

This process may take up to four weeks to complete.Someone who was helping me find focus and direction in my own life shared this paraphrased verse with me, "Comfort others as you have been comforted." Change can be difficult, even if it is something desired, Tranquil Landings is a place where a person can find a calm and soothing atmosphere while exploring difficult aspects of life.""Do you have concerns about yourself or your child?


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    Likes: For Virgo greatest pleasure – to take on a partner attentions and declarations of love, demonstrating a deliberate coldness and detachment.

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    He would flirt and bring them back to the hotel (which was very close), hook up with them and go back to the club for more. We both had a ton of prospects waiting for us in Cebu. I had one girl I thought was a sure thing flake because she wasn’t sure how to get to the hotel. i want to sex you but im not ready” interesting time. I got frustrated, as her boyfriend kept cock blocking me. She was cute and I had no trouble setting up the date. I was a 5 minute walk from my hotel so I got her to come by promising to show her some cool pictures of my travels. She put up a lot of lmr and it took a few hours to break down, but I got the notch. We went to a club and I opened a group of girls, I started dancing with one and when THC came back and saw me dancing with my girl he went straight to the friend.

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    Chat Random is the best place to meet guys from around the world using your webcam.

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    If the majority of the world’s online population spends time on Facebook, then policymakers, businesses, startups, developers, nonprofits, publishers, and anyone else interested in communicating with them will also, if they are to be effective, go to Facebook. And some people access Facebook through phones with only the most basic of online features, in which case it is hard to argue that they really are using the internet in any meaningful way.

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