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Then you go up a few stairs where there’s a master bedroom and….oops…the hell happened to the other bedrooms?

Ok, there’s a cozy kitchen and nice sized living room. So, for my virtual daydream, I went on a(n internet) quest to find decent splanch renovations.

But now 15-30 years later, are we stuck with a bunch of tear downs?

It is also called sweet orange, to distinguish it from the related Citrus × aurantium, referred to as bitter orange.

Law360, New York (January 11, 2018, PM EST) -- While lawmakers battle over big-picture changes to the rules that govern financial institutions, the need to update an anti-money laundering regime that many see as unwieldy is one area where experts say a bipartisan consensus is forming and banks could see dramatically lower compliance costs.

The Trump administration and its congressional allies have focused much of their attention on defanging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and making other controversial changes to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.


In other Indo-European languages, the words for orange allude to the eastern origin of the fruit and can be translated literally as "apple from China".

In several languages, the initial n present in earlier forms of the word dropped off because it may have been mistaken as part of an indefinite article ending in an n sound—in French, for example, une norenge may have been heard as une orenge. The color was named after the fruit, As Portuguese merchants were presumably the first to introduce the sweet orange to some regions of Europe, in several modern Indo-European languages the fruit has been named after them.

Also, in some of the Italian regional languages (e.g.

This includes grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges, and various other types and hybrids.


As the interfertility of oranges and other citrus has produced numerous hybrids and cultivars, and bud mutations have also been selected, their taxonomy is fairly controversial, confusing or inconsistent.

No, I can’t afford another house, I’m just thinking.


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    The other two isotopes in comparison are more common than carbon-14 in the atmosphere but increase with the burning of fossil fuels making them less reliable for study (2); carbon-14 also increases, but its relative rarity means its increase is negligible. After this point, other Absolute Dating methods may be used.

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