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Let's just start with the good things about the book and then I can talk about my problems with the rest of it afterwards. Biggest problem though was at times the humour seemed a bit too forced, Fleur seemed to be trying that bit too hard to turn everything into a joke.I probably should have DNF'd it but it was such a quick read that it wasn't too much effort to see it through. I didn’t really like her at first; though she admits herself she’s not perfect, she’s looking for a man who is.Sh Dispatches from the Dating Zone, K T Valentine Review from jeannie zelos book reviews So, this sounded a funny romance, and lets face it, everyone needs some humour in their lives.Smiles are good – and I got plenty of them from this book.What it means is I dislike unnecessary smut and obscenity. Oh yes let me describe something completely inappropriate in a completely ridiculous and crude way. And who takes cocaine in the toilets of their kids school where anyone could walk in without checking if anyone is in there? If Henry was going to be where Fleur was inviting him anyway AT THE SAME TIME then why not just say so.The rating I have given this book is based on MY PERSONAL ENJOYMENT of it. but I am more concerned with the actual content in this instance. If I am asked to read and review a book I will do just that. I am not even going to into it because I found it all pretty offensive but basically he seems to have a little bit of a fixation with certain things. The whole conflict afterwards could have been avoided and really made no sense to me.


We don’t want to give you the wrong idea here at Singles’ Online Zone: people join our network because they love the idea of finding that perfect person to spend the rest of their life with, but that doesn’t mean that can’t enjoy themselves while on that quest! All you have to do is provide a few pieces of information about who you are, what you like and then you’ll be given the chance to search through dozens of online locals that are all ready and waiting to have a good time.Having exhausted all the conventional ways to meet her 'Mr Right' (and because now she really is a little bit desperate), Fleur Summers turns to her well-meaning, but eccentric friends and family for help.


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