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I was especially impressed with the unbiased chapter on teen pregnancy and parenting, which explains that it’s not universally an accident, mistake or life sentence to misery and poverty. covers body basics for boys and girls, as well as sexual identity, masturbation, body image, contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases and the emotional repercussions of making sexual decisions...

While it does dutifully examine the challenges of parenting, this non-pedantic, just-the-facts approach could be life-changing for ostracized and shamed teen mothers. The book is full of the kind of humor that makes Scarleteen so readable, with subchapters like "Get the Ball Rolling" and "10 Bodacious Ways to Boost Body Image" and "Genderpalooza! addresses the potential awkwardness of talking with a teenager about sexuality and suggests multiple ways to open up communication; plus it’s a great way to brush up on your own knowledge surrounding sexuality and become another source of good information. is a positive and informative all-embracing guide to sexuality by a dedicated author. You get answers to everything you were afraid, embarrassed or didn't know to ask."- Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, coauthors "With no apologies to conservative sensibilities, Heather Corinna writes a book that enlightened parents will love and adolescents and young adults will think is cool and useful.

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"This is another groundbreaking book and what we love is that it's woman-centered," she said. gives you the lowdown on gettin' down without talking down to you. There is also plenty of value for old dawgs (like the checklist of unhealthy post-breakup behavior). is aimed primarily at adolescents and young adults, it has a lot to offer for any adults with teenagers in their lives—or with questions of their own! She sets them up to do just that by framing each chapter—and the book as a whole—from a holistic view that acknowledges that things like body image, health, relationships, and support networks all play a role in sexual health. Lynn Ponton, author, "We thought we were liberated and informed, but Heather Corinna puts us to shame. The author writes with a compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable voice without being preachy or careless.

It may just be the one everything-you-need, comprehensive, no-judgment sexuality and relationships guide to help you get you through your teens and twenties...


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