Updating facebook from phone and cody linely dating

Today, as Windows Central reports, Microsoft updated the Facebook app on Windows Phone 8.1, bringing the latest release up to version being the official Facebook app on the OS, it was actually built - and is still maintained - by Microsoft, but the latest update doesn't bring much in the way of new features.Facebook was one of the few remaining high profile apps without i Phone 6 support.Today’s update follows Monday’s rollout of a significant new feature for Facebook: stickers in comments.In the next few weeks, Microsoft will release Windows 10 Mobile, a key component in its new Universal Windows Platform, which will allow developers to create apps with one codebase that can run across a vast range of Windows 10 devices, including smartphones.



I've used parental controls to block a few numbers on one of my phones, included private or unlisted numbers. The social network doesn’t say what changes were made, but it does now say “optimized for i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus” in the description.



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