Nastia lukin dating Tamsi sex video

I don't why that's such a reach for DL to believe that someone here could know such a person. Has DL really turned into just bunch of fangirlz and pimply homos in their mothers' basements in Atlanta who dream some day of meeting someone who knows someone who once shook hands with Johnny Depp?

Yeah everyone knows it outside the skating world as well.

He may have been in a very strict, secluded life training all these years nonstop for the Olympics.

But if he's actually lying about being gay and knows he is and is living a gay life secretly, then blow the doors off his closet. I agree strongly with the first two paragraphs of R89.bullshit, R88 - then why don't you say what it is you saw or know.

Talk about a world desperately in need of a massive youth injection! It is alright to be gay in figure skating, (99% of male singles skaters are gay) provided you act like it is still your parents generation (1955).




For christ sakes, R120 and R122, you are really trying to sway opinion by exaggerating.

Johnny Weir is far more famous than Evan, has a TV show and documentary, but Johnny would still not be considered a Hollywood celebrity. Accuse means to charge with the fault, offense, or crime. Lets say they all suffer from a severe case of "Dick Button Disease".(Except Rudy Galindo, Johnny Weir and Adam Rippon, who are cool and self affirming, 21st century gays)I hear that some promoter from Clear Channel(? If Evan is gay and lies about it, then it is definitely the public's business.


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