Pc application for updating maps or software


A typical high-end GPU might have 36 CUs, for example. With Resource Reservation, developers can reserve some small number, say 4, of the CUs for audio processing only.This dedicates 4 CUs for audio processing, while reducing the number of CUs available to the renderer by 4.True Audio Next also provides a feature called Resource Reservation, which allows developers to dedicate a portion of the GPU's computational resources to be spent on time-sensitive tasks such as audio processing.Here is a brief explanation of both of these high-level features of TAN.On the other hand, the higher the Ambisonics order, the more IRs that are needed in the convolution reverb effect.For example, 2nd order Ambisonics requires 9 convolutions per source.


Ray tracing is one way of simulating acoustic phenomena and calculating an IR; TAN focuses on accelerating the task of filtering audio data using IR after the IR has been calculated (or manually specified).In 2013, AMD introduced True Audio technology, which used dedicated DSP hardware available on certain AMD GPUs to accelerate some audio functions such as rendering 3D audio using Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs), and convolution with static IRs.In contrast, True Audio Next uses standard, existing Radeon™ GPU resources to implement more general and highly scalable convolution algorithms, which can be used for a wider range of filters, including convolution reverb with time-varying IRs.Steam® Audio models indirect sound by calculating an IR using ray tracing.


This IR is then used in a convolution reverb effect to add indirect sound effects to either individual sound sources (in the case of source-centric convolution reverb) or a submix of sound reaching the listener (in the case of listener-centric convolution reverb).

Simulating and rendering indirect sound is the most computationally intensive part of what Steam® Audio does, and True Audio Next helps manage this workload.



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