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Despite the global diversification, the quality of Lefton pieces remained better than most of their competitors at the time.

However, this did make it difficult to pinpoint any one quintessential Lefton look.

Seems everywhere one looks we are returning to the nostalgia of yesteryear in some ways.

Prices for poodles 4” inches – 5” inches tall is around .00 – .00 and go up from their depending on the rarity and maker of the item along with size and condition.

In the '80s, Lefton china production moved to Taiwan and Malaysia. Lefton china was sold to OMT Enterprises in 2005 and moved to California, where they still produce china today.



When you are out searching for your poodle collectibles be sure to give the item(s) a thorough once-over by making sure rhinestones are all intact, spaghetti is intact, paint is not too worn, chained groups are still chained together with their original chains and items that have parasols still retain their parasols.

When I went inside the house, however, the place was so big, I felt like there were only a few people in the house. The colors on this piece are really rich and I love the brass handle.

It was the second day of the sale, so there were not a ton of things left, but I prefer the second day for the deals! I purchased it to put in the Vintage Eve’s shop as it is definitely vintage and I loved the colors. This is what is known as a “tidbit” tray for serving those small items; you know cheese cubes, meat cubes, olives etc.

I love chickens by the way; their colors and attitude plus their wide diversity in looks.

I like to collect things with chickens and roosters.I once had a great Miss Priss teapot in the shop by the same company. There are other pieces in this line out there, too.


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